Belvedere College Photographs 2017

Dear Parents & Students,

There appears to be quite a demand for photos of the boys this year so I’ve made everything I have available via the links below.

1. Rhetoric Passing Out, Graduation, Classes & Portraits  (Password – greatdenmarkstreet)
2. Senior Cup Rugby Campaign 2017 (Password – gibbo)

3. Senior Cup Souvenir Book
4. TY Graduation 2017 (Password – metamorphosis)

Photo Classes Started

I stated my Digital Photography Classes at my new space in ABCD tonight and I think it went fine. I had a small group of very enthusiastic people and all seemed to enjoy it.  It felt good to be back teaching again – but working with adults is so much easier than children!KansasTrip0509It became clear pretty early in the session how the technology, jargon and stuff gets in the way so much in the business of taking photos. I could see that while some were taking it all in – the interplay of shutter speeds, aperture and ISO, others eyes were glazing over a bit – I completely understand the aversion to the technical but you have to get to grips with it at some point in order to get the most from your camera – and your mind!